Aramaic fonts(download)تنزيل الحروف الارامية        
New Aramaic fonts    Estrangelo     Aramaic symbols    Bold Aramaic    Italic Aramaic    Transparent Aramaic

Traditional Arabic fonts(download)تنزيل الحروف العربية التقليدية

Andalus Arabic fonts(download)تنزيل الحروف الاند لسية                        



Instructions for Downloading and Installing in Windows

1.     Click on download link above.

2.     Download the zip file and save it.

3.     Unzip the file and extract the compressed TTF font file.

4.     (To obtain a free version of a common zip utility click here.)

5.     Save it to the folder of your choice on your computer.

6.     Click on "Start" > "Settings" > "Control Panel".                                

7.     Double-click on "Fonts".

8.     Click on "File" > "Install New Fonts."

9.     The "Add Fonts" dialog box will open; using the "Folder" and "Drive" fields, navigate to the folder to which you downloaded the fonts.

10. Select the fonts you wish to install.

          11.Click "OK".    

                                    Download Aramaic Fonts      

                                                               Aramaic Keyboard

                                          (to save this keyboard right click mouse, then save picture as...)